Inauguration of Bike Garage And More Massa Marittima

Bike Garage and More Massa Marittima is the first of its kind in Italy offering the following services: info-point, innovative life-tracking systems (Life Pass and ProteGear Inreach), rescue and recovery, guarded bike parking with the innovative security system Bikeep, battery charging Bosch, equipment rental, repair point, cafeteria, bike-shop, bicycle museum, trail creation and maintenance with ASD Trail Brothers, information and tourist services with LoveMaremma.

This project is strongly supported by the Comune di Massa Marittima, having assigned a small courtyard overlooking the Piazza Garibaldi, considered one of the most beautiful late-Medieval squares in Italy, to host the info-point and bike parking.

The project also envisages the creation of a multifunctional space for meeting, sharing, coworking, and the promotion of the excellence of the territory, and a bicycle museum. In this place, we will organize workshops, photography exhibitions, documentary and sports competition projections, and cultural events under the banner of “cycling” and living well.



Date: 20 April 2021
Duration: 1 Day